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Finding Birth Parents Success Stories:

★★★★★"Working with Birthparentfinder.com was a wonderful experience. After searching for my birth mother for over two years and finding some information that may or may not have been right, Jay, the owner, in a matter of 45 minutes was able to not only confirm that I had the right information but he called her for me. His kindness stunned me, he didn't have to take time out of his busy day to call her; because he did that for me, a great burden of uneasy and fear was lifted. I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend using this service to find lost relatives. Thank you Birthparentfinder." Susan - Nebraska.

★★★★★"I am forever grateful to Jay at birthparentfinder.com..he had my sister and i reunited the same day that he received our information.Jay is a blessing from God. He gave me a phone number within one hour..Anyone who needs a miracle in finding your loved one give them a try your life will forever be changed!"
Lynn Miller

★★★★★ I wondered for 18 years then spent 15 years searching for my birth Father. After many years of searching I figured I might as well invest some money in an expert. I contacted a PI firm asking for $1500 just to retain them. I got to thinking about how expensive this PI firm was and decided no way. So I spent many hours over one weekend instead searching on my own. After exhausting myself I decided to open my wallet. For under 300 bucks, Jay found the guy within a few hours. I was thrilled to be talking to my birth father for the first time in my 33 year life. I am eternally grateful for your help."

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Birth Family Search Testimonials to share...

"Jay, I am at a loss for words, I think I am still in shock! You did a wonderful job in locating my birth father... Wanted to tell you I flew to Arizona this past weekend and spent 4 days with my dad. It was WONDERFUL! We both cried when I had to fly back home. I look so much like him it's incredible. Here is a picture so you can see. Thanks again for everything you did!"

"I had tried over the course of a decade to hire investigators, all of whom were unable or unwilling to pursue the case, lacking much information as I did. Jay's candor and competence cut through all the nonsense I had come to expect, and now I and my father are in contact thanks to Jay's incredible investigative skills. I would (and do) recommend Mr. Rosenzweig's services without reservation: Jay wins my Investigator of the Century Award."
Joshua R - Long Beach, CA

"I recommend Jay to anyone searching to find a lost relative or friend. I had made several failed attempts to find my birth mother. But Jay was able to find her with practically no information other than her maiden name. He found her in one day! My birth mother contacted me by phone. We had an amazing conversation. I thank Jay for all his hard work and effort. Thanks again Jay!!!"
Martina H - Phoenix, AZ

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